Today is Tomorrow

COCOZ Co. Ltd. has a motto of “Today is Tomorrow” for a better tomorrow
and always be with our customers based on the promise and faith.
As a company specializing in product development and technology commercialization,
we will do our best to improve our partner companies.

“Today is Tomorrow.”

– Andrew Carnegie -

COCOZ Co. Ltd. is specialized in technology commercialization such as design,
engineering, prototype production, market, R&D, government fund, and certification.
With more than 15 years of experience in each field, we have experience and know-hows in Small and Medium Business Administration,
public institutions, large corporations, SMEs, and start-up companies.
In particular, we are researching differentiated customer needs using each specialized field, aiming at successful commercialization
of product development and providing accurate information.
We will cooperate closely with each expert to create a corporate value and support successful commercialization.
We will become a company that does our very best together with customers daily.