Spectrum and strategy of design convergence business

Based on the convergence of design and technical services, differentiation is made to promote integrated strategy and outside of simple design service, cultivate invented items in the future to seek multi-angle of business, in order to goal for successful industrialization through other connection supports. Also, based on design convergence of technical commercialization, we provide abilities of commercialization network, correct information of governmental support business, together with various forms of commercialization win-win strategy.

Product Design Development Process

Starting with product design planning and trend research, based on product’s CMF (Color, Materials, Finish), various production method of construction is applied so other than ejaculation, various processing knowledge such as die casting, fondle, pressing, NCT, vacuum forming, gravity casting, and more need to be applied. From initial concept organization and product design sketch, overall follow up of design production process is executed through 2D & 3D modeling and rendering, so new technology, new material development grafting, and company handling are available. Also, we are an organization that is specialized in initial design patent registration management, government support small and medium business design consulting task, etc.

Product Design Stage

Design research and analysis, customer and market status analysis, product analysis (structure, components, circuit, etc.), product concept inference (keyword, CMF, etc.), idea sketch conduct, 2D&3D design, 2D floor plan, 3D rendering, design mock-up production, design modification and supplementation, design specifications, mass production follow-up

Product Engineering Stage

Client detailed meeting, design modeling analysis, product structure examination, H/W specifications examination, structure engineering, PCB setting, detailed engineering, working mock-up production, test and supplementation, metal product construction supervision, mass production follow-up